It used to be difficult to connect devices. The advent of Bluetooth technology, on the other hand, made it possible for neighboring devices to communicate seamlessly with one another. This has been accomplished in a number of ways, including by incorporating Bluetooth into televisions. As a result, you’re wondering if your Sharp TV is equipped with Bluetooth technology. Is it compatible with Bluetooth headphones, and if so, how do you pair them with it?
Bluetooth isn’t available on every Sharp TV. Newer models are more likely to feature Bluetooth capabilities. Sadly, the earlier Sharp TV models were not equipped with Bluetooth technology when they were first made available for purchase.
Despite this, there are ways to determine whether or not your TV is Bluetooth-enabled. Continue reading to find out how to connect your Sharp TV to Bluetooth headphones.

How Do You Know if Your Sharp TV Has Bluetooth?


You should take the time to find out if your Sharp TV is Bluetooth-enabled because there are a number of different models. There are many ways to determine this, the most essential of which are listed here.

Check The Sharp TV Carton or Manual for Bluetooth Logo

You should still have the accessories that came with your TV if you purchased it recently. Bluetooth-enabled TVs often feature a large, prominent branding on the cardboard box that advertises their Bluetooth capabilities. You can also check the Sharp TV’s Device Specifications, which are normally included in the owner’s manual or guide.

Check The Sharp TV Remote or Command Buttons for Bluetooth Logo

If you have owned the Sharp TV for some time and are unable to locate the box in which it came or the instruction manual, you might look at the remote that came with the TV when it was first purchased. If it has Bluetooth capability, there will typically be a Bluetooth logo on it. In addition to that, there ought to be a command button that is specifically devoted to activating the connection and should have the Bluetooth logo written on it

Browse Through the Sharp TV Settings

As an alternative, you might examine the TV’s settings to see if there is any indication that Bluetooth is available on the TV. Fortunately, there is a search button on some Sharp TVs. This can be used to quickly look for Bluetooth devices.

Use External Devices Like Phones To Search For Your Sharp TV Bluetooth Connectivity

You may also check to see if your TV is displayed under “nearby devices” by using other devices such as your phone or laptop. It’s likely to be listed as “Sharp TV” if your Sharp TV has Bluetooth. When utilizing this technique, be sure that all of your external devices are within easy reach and that any other devices linked to them have been unplugged.
It is possible to tell if your Sharp TV is equipped with Bluetooth after trying all of these methods. You can then use your Bluetooth headset to have a more immersive viewing experience if you’ve done this.

How Do You Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones to Your Sharp TV?

If you find out that your Sharp TV supports Bluetooth, you may put that feature to good use by connecting it to a quality set of headphones, which will elevate the quality of your viewing experience. However, due to the fact that Sharp TVs are typically smart TVs, it can be difficult to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Sharp television.
If you want your connection to go off without a hitch, here are the procedures you need to take.

Navigate to the TV Menu

You need the TV remote for this step. Also, get your Bluetooth headphones switched on and ready. Then, with the TV powered on, go to its “Menu” by selecting the “Input” button followed by the “My Menu” key. A range of icons will pop up on the TV screen, including streaming service options, movies, apps, and others.

Go to the Settings

Click the left arrow button on the remote from the menu options, quickly following the right arrow one. Continue clicking the right arrow button till the cursor stays on the “Settings” logo, which looks a lot like an engineering wheel logo. Select the “OK” button to go into “Settings.”
Here, you will find diverse action icons, including “System Options,” “Picture Settings,” and others. Next, continually press the right arrow button till your cursor stays on “Setup Icon.” Then, click the OK button to get in.

Locate Bluetooth

Inside the “Setup,” first click on the left arrow button followed by the right arrow. Then, lead the cursor to the “Smart TV” icon and click on it.
Here, you will find a drop-down of options starting with “Dashboard.” Take the cursor down a bit, and you see the “Bluetooth” button. Click on it.
Set Up the Bluetooth
The next page should display “Searching for accessories” in large fonts. The TV’s Bluetooth will search for available devices and show the ones detected on the screen.
If you find the Bluetooth headphone on this list, you should select it using the remote’s navigation buttons. Upon clicking it, you will see the option to “Pair” or “Cancel.” Click on “Pair.” Once successfully paired, you can begin to enjoy your sound.
With this, you conclude the connection.

What Other Bluetooth Devices Can You Hook Up to Sharp TV?

Apart from headphones, there are a group of other devices that you can connect to your Sharp TV for a better TV experience.

They include:

  • Speakers: If you want to blast the audio rather than enjoy it yourself using headphones, connect your loudspeakers to the TV using Bluetooth.
  • Keyboard: It’s a work-from-home (WFH) world, and often, you may need a screen more extensive than what your laptop provides. So rather than get a monitor, your TV can work with a Bluetooth keyboard to offer you this service.
  • Mouse: A Bluetooth mouse enables you to navigate your TV easily, especially when using it with your keyboard.
  • Laptop: You can view everything on your laptop on your TV when connecting via Bluetooth. It’s quite straightforward to connect it.

Best Bluetooth Headphones to Use with Sharp TV

If you care about having the finest possible experience, you need to be picky about the headphones that you wear. Using some of the best headphones that are compatible with Bluetooth will transport you to another universe. There is a wide selection of Bluetooth headphones available for purchase nowadays.
You should now have a better idea of which Bluetooth headphones will be compatible with your Sharp TV.


Even if your Sharp TV does not come equipped with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, it is still capable of pairing with your wireless headphones to provide you with an excellent viewing experience. You are required to acquire the necessary tools and proceed in the manner described in the preceding paragraphs.
Because your Sharp TV is compatible with more than just the headphones, you will have access to a more satisfying experience overall. The headphones are compatible with your speakers, mouse, and other devices and may be set up using a process that is analogous to that used for the headphones.

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