While you’re cruising about on your hoverboard and getting your groove on, the internal balancing system of your board is doing its best to keep you standing up: Each time you make a turn, pick up a new speed, or navigate an uneven surface, it makes the necessary changes.
However, there are instances when this balancing system goes awry and has to be readjusted, often known as “recalibrating.” It may seem to be difficult, but in reality it is not: You won’t have any trouble carrying this out, and it won’t take more than a minute of your time. The “when” and “how” questions are answered as follows:

When to Attempt a Reset

In the event that its systems need to be adjusted, your hoverboard will begin behaving erratically. The following is a list of indications that it may be time to recalibrate:

• It’s making a lot of beeping noise.

• It is spinning by itself in a manner that gives the impression of being “out of control.”

• The indication lights on it are either solid red or red flashing.

How to Reset Jetson Hoverboard?

To restore equilibrium to your hoverboard, follow the actions that are outlined below. Important information is as follows: Ensure that at no point throughout the process are you resting any portion of your body or placing any weight on the board by either leaning on it or putting weight on it. (This is a special announcement for riders of Motokicks; you will continue with the same method, but you will need to do it twice: once for each of your kicks.)

1. Power off your hoverboard and place it on a smooth, even surface before turning it back on.

2. If one of the sides of the hoverboard is leaning forward or backward, gently rotate it such that both footbeds (the places where your feet go) are totally horizontal and parallel to the floor. 3. Keep your finger on the power button for between three and five seconds. (If you have the Jetson Sphere Hoverboard, you will need to keep the button pressed for a full minute.)

4. When your hoverboard displays a message indicating that the recalibration process is complete, you may release the power button. The meaning of the symbol is determined on the model that you are using. (Are you unable to recall the make and model of your hoverboard? Flip it over; the information is listed on a label that’s attached to the bottom of the board.)



These Jetson hoverboard versions will either play a melodic melody or emit a sequence of beeps, and then a voice will indicate that the calibration was successful.

• Hali X • Rogue • Sphere • Strike • Certain versions of the Flash, Impact, Magma, Plasma, Rave, and Spin (which was once known as the “Aero”).
• Earlier variants of the Jetson hoverboard that already come equipped with a Bluetooth speaker

5. These Jetson hoverboard models will either make a series of beeping sounds or play a little small musical song, but there will NOT be a vocal announcement at the conclusion of any of these features.

• J-Beat

• Litho X

• Motokicks

• Sync

• Tracer

• X10 • Zone

• Some generations of the Magma, Plasma, and Spin (formerly called the “Aero”)

• Older Jetson hoverboard models that do not have a built-in Bluetooth speaker

6. Power down your hoverboard, and then power it back up again.
7. If after completing this process, your hoverboard is still beeping, spinning, or shows red indicator lights, go through the recalibration steps again. It can take up to three recalibration attempts to get everything back in proper alignment.

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