All Know About Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process of linking data or imagery to a printed surface with the use of a stencil. The screens are reproduced through a process called reduction stenciling. The blank area on which the stencil is etched is known as the work surface. A screen printer works through the same process of reduction and an etching process is used for creating the design on the screen. Screen printing can be done in two different ways.


The first method is known as encapsulation in which the electronic or digital data is encased within a carrier material. This method is used for creating hard copies of documents like papers and films. Technology has advanced and so are the various methods for screen printing. Any kind of material can be used as a stencil. For instance, grained paper can be used for printing on fabric as well as photographs. On the other hand, films can be coated with a varnish and then made into a printable item.


Secondly, Screen Printing can be termed an addictive creative process since it is based on the computer. What all you need is a screen and your creativity will generate the output. The first thing to access is your Work Box. Initially the stencil will be carved on it but as you start working on other files, the screen will grow along with it making rest Paint and Screen printing.

Let us discuss a bit on the screen printing process. Options for screen printing are present where you can screen print directly on the material being printed. You can also screen print over the stencil. This means that you can print one side of the paper on the other. Screen printing can be stereo, mono or multi-chrome. This aspect is controlled by the option of adding a heat trace on the stencil to control the printing to a specific area. The heat trace is usually positioned on the water mark on the screen. For stereo mode, one mask from each side is pressed against the water mark to produce the stereo image. mono mode gives the option of inserting a watermark in the stencil.


One can also screen print over a mirror image. This is where the image is slightly brighter than the actual material. The mask is reflected to produce the desired pattern. Things are customized and modified according to the needs of the customer. The designs can be customized with different fonts, colors and sizes. CDs and DVDs are screen printed in blank mode. This is achieved through a dry brushing process. Essential for DVDs, the stencil used is slightly thicker than required for printing on regular paper.


Monitor screen printing also uses a glossy finish. For the matte finish, a spray of mineral oil is spread over the area and then allowed to dry. Next, the stencil is scratched out and the spray applied to the surface of the CD. For DVDs, a spray of clear gloss is spread over the surface of the DVD and then allowed to dry.

Food has become one of the most important means of advertising. Besides giving a name to a brand, CD printing enables companies to get name known in the market. For printing of CD menus and packages, food photos are printed on the CDs and then laminated to form labels. This way, storing of food photos are easy and suitable.


CD screen printing is highly useful for printing menus and packages for food. The advantages of such printing are that it isWallpaperand it can be used for different purposes such as printing menus for food Stores, bar code labels for food or printing EAN for such stores. For printing of CD menus for food, generally a paper menu is used. The importance of menu printing is that it can be used for storing food information, such as prices, daily specials, etc.

Some of the services that food can provide is that of menu printing for shops. Food shops often keep a printed menu for customers. Apart from the food information, this type of CD can also print cafes, a blanket based menu for a cafe, printed commuter leisure times for students and yet another menu for a restaurant which would be useful for notifications and detailed directions.


Menu printing also makes it possible to print menus for take away and pop ups. A CD that contains a menu for one or more items can be took away with the help of a short menu. For such printing, there is no need for paper and also no need to open the CD in order to print the detailed information. The CD can be opened once the software that is required to run is installed and then printing can begin.

Menu printing has different benefits for different types of businesses. In case your business is more towards graphics and photographs then pro advertiser can take advantage of the fact that many companies are switching to digital printing technology and that it is making the cost of advertising very low.


At the moment, digital printing is still a rather expensive process however, as time progresses, digital printing is employing less in the way of resources.

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